My Projects

My Work

I’m VP of Technology at GeniusRocket. A creative crowdsourcing company.

General Projects

Bug Wrangler is a bug tracker built specifically for web developers.

Wild Zoofari is a live action tv show for kids that I’ve been helping with.

ToDo a todo list application built on Google AppEngine. Very early stages but usable, give it a try.

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo my local Zoo where I volunteer at.

Django Projects

Simplepages a basic CMS that can easily be added to other Django sites. Matter of fact it’s what this page is using.

In page edit object links takes the bookmarklets that come with Django and turns them into on page links for easier access.

Javascript Projects

I’ll be releasing these items soon, just need to clean them up and document them a bit first. The scripts are built upon the YUI Javascript Framework.