Debugging Javascript in Safari 3.1 on Windows

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
Quick tip on how to enable javascript debugging in Safari 3.1

Yesterday I needed to debug some Javascript in Safari 3.1 on Windows.

Apple changed how to enable debugging in Safari 3.1
I remembered reading that Safari 3 included some good debugging tools, so I started searching on how to enable it. Unfortunately, none of the information worked for enabling the debugging. It turns out Apple changed how to enable debugging in 3.1 compared to 3.0.

In version 3.0 you had to edit a preferences file to enable the “Debug” menu (that preferences file is no longer there in 3.1). In 3.1 there is no longer a “Debug” menu there is now a “Develop” menu that is enabled via preferences. If you want to enable the menu go to the “Edit” menu -> “Preferences…” —> “Advanced” preferences and the option is at the bottom of that preferences pane. Now you should see the “Develop” menu to access the various development and debugging tools.

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Written by James Punteney
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