Django Simplepages - a Basic CMS System

Friday, April 18th, 2008
A simple Django CMS that can be used stand alone or with your existing Django site.

Many of our clients at TD need a basic cms system that they can use for updating the page content on their sites. That led us to the creation of Simplepages a Django app for managing page content.

The original and very early version of Simplepages was developed for the Zoofari site. Since then we had a couple of other sites that used the system and it was updated and tweaked for them. Then in the last few weeks we’ve had a few different clients (and a couple of friends) that have needed this same functionality. With that I decided it was time to spend a bit of time on the app clean it up and package it up to make it easier to integrate into the different projects, so Django Simplepages was born.

Simplepages builds on the logic of the django.contrib.flatpages app. It uses the same concept where if a 404 is encountered it checks the pages in the database and if a page is found with a matching url it will return that page instead of the 404 error.


  • Create site sections for the primary navigation and have it dynamically generate the site navigation for you. With the ability to specify what sections and pages show in the navigation.
  • Create edit and delete pages within the Django Admin interface using the YUI Rich Text Editor.
  • Inpage edit link to edit the pages as you are browsing the site to for quick and easy editing.
  • Ability to easily include page content on dynamic pages, such as a generic view listing pages that you want to have some intro text and an image on.
  • Easily extensible as it’s a normal django app you can easily customize to fit your needs.
  • Absolutely no restrictions on the site design.
  • Easily integrates with other django apps.

For more information you can go to the Django Simplepages on Google Code.

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Written by James Punteney
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